Silver catalyst

World-class catalysts

K.A Rasmussen has over 40 years of experience manufacturing silver catalysts used for the production of formaldehyde (CH2O) by catalytic partial oxidation of methanol.

Formaldehyde is the precursor to many resins and adhesives for a variety of products in building and construction, automotive, wood production, conservation and disinfectants.

Our silver catalyst is characterized by:

High purity   –   Easy to ignite the process

High specific surface   –   High performance, selectivity and yield

Low bulk density   –   Low pressure drop, better process control

We supply a wide range of fractions which make it easy for you to tailor-make a catalyst bed optimized for your reactor.

We are the only supply of the Karnet® that has been proven to be very beneficial when replacing the traditional copper-net as carrier.

Our catalyst product is preferred by a number of dominant formaldehyde producers around the world partly because of its high quality.

We offer our customers:

  • Inspection of used catalysts
  • Melting and recovery of spent catalysts
  • Refining of used catalysts
  • Chemical analyses with certificate of used catalysts
  • Production of new catalysts
  • Aiming for different fractions
  • Diagnosis of customer processes

We accept used catalysts for refining and recycling. Recovered metal can be sold or used for the production of new catalysts. We provide metal accounts for all our customers.

In addition to offering products we can also provide professional advice on products and applications. Our technical staff can help analyse your process and thus develop product solutions tailored your needs.


New product: Knitted silver screen as reinforcement

Simply by putting a knitted screen made of pure silver wire in between the top layer and the next layer, the overall silver bed is reinforced against thermal expansion cracks. No cracks means no methanol can escape through silver bed unreacted.

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