Platinum/PGM catalysts

K.A. Rasmussen is the leading Nordic supplier of precious metal products and catalysts. Platinum, silver, gold, and alloyed products are supplied worldwide for industrial usage.

As early as 1932 K.A. Rasmussen participated in the pioneering development of the first catalyst gauze for nitric acid production in Norway. We have since continuously worked on research and development and been an important contributor to the Nordic expertise in the field.

An important part of delivering high-quality products in this area is the quality of the raw material. Precisely for this reason we focus on optimizing our own refining process to ensure a purity of at least 999.5 on all metals we use in our production.

Tailored catalyst systems

Catalyst systems for the oxidation of ammonia in nitric acid production are tailored to fit the specific conditions of the given reactor where the catalyst use is intended to be used. Combustion yield, lifetime/campaign length, PGM value for installation and metal loss are all calculated to ensure the best possible run.

This is considered for every reactor type (atmospheric, low, medium, or high pressure) which require their own specific composition of the PGM gauze system.

General dimension and mesh details:

  • Wire thickness: Typical 60-120 µm
  • Woven nets/gauzes: Mesh 16-32 wires/ cm in warp with inlay i.e. 256-1024 mesh/cm2
  • Knitted nets/gauzes: Nets are knitted with one or two sets of thread/warp. The weight of knitted nets will be approximately the same as woven depending on the pattern. There is a wide range of warp knitting patterns that provide flexibility for customization and optimization.
  • Knitted nets/gauzes from K.A. Rasmussen are developed to give a large number of small light openings to ensure even flow-characteristics for the best ammonia oxidation performance.

Gold, silver, FeCrAl and copper may also be supplied as meshes or gauzes in addition to the PGM catalyst systems.

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